Welcome to Pori!

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is an institute of higher education that have campuses in four different cities in Satakunta. The university hosts 6000 students and 400 professionals offering a mix of different study fields in an international atmosphere.

During International Week you get the chance to visit two campus areas in Pori: Tiedepuisto and Tiilimäki. If you come by train you will also be able to see the construction site of a new campus area where Tiedepuisto operations will move in 2017.


SAMK yleiskuvia median vapaaseen käyttöön.


University Consortium of Pori

University Consortium of Pori is located next to Kokemäki River in an old cotton factory building in the city centre. The building is one of the most photographed ones in Pori.

University Consortium has a combination of different fields and operators within the same building. It hosts departments of four different universities: Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere, University of Turku and Aalto University. There are 2500 students and 170 professionals within the University Consortium.



The City of Pori

Pori is the eleventh biggest city in Finland with over 85 000 residents. Pori is also the main city of the Satakunta region.

Known best for Pori Jazz festival, the debate forum SuomiAreena and Yyteri Beach the city is vibrant during summer but offers things to see during March as well. Find more on Pori Region Tourism Info Maisa’s website. You can also find list of different restaurants there.

City Culture East boat in the river 550x350 px

Pori Town Hall from the River

History all around stone pori church 550x350

Stone Pori and the Church

Pori City Hall  (Hallituskatu 12, Pori)
The palace of Junnelius, as the apartment building is known, was finished in 1895. Robert Junnelius, municipal councillor and Hugo Rosenlew, consul, were the developers of this Venetian-style renaissance palace. The building was designed by August Krook and it is said that he went as far as to visit Italy in order to obtain the right kind of building style that he wanted.

Pori City bought Junnelius palace in 1962. Due to high maintenance costs, it was decided to transform the building, threatened by demolition, into City Administration offices. In 1991 extensive renovation work was started, with the purpose of preserving a part of Pori’s valuable building heritage for future generations to enjoy!

You have the chance to visit the City Hall on Tuesday’s evening reception.


Restaurant Mekani
Thursday’s networking dinner is served at Restaurant Mekani, just next to University Consortium of Pori. The building was constructed in 1871 as an engineering workshop for Björneborgs Mekaniska Werkstad. It has been since renovated and transformed into the restaurant it is today. The brick walls of an old factory give the restaurant a unique atmosphere.