Programme Tuesday 8.3.2016

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Venue: Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Tiedepuisto campus, Tiede A (Tiedepuisto 3, Pori)

8:00 Bus transfer from hotels to Tiedepuisto campus
8:00 Hotel Vaakuna
8:10 Hotel Scandic
8:20 Hotel Amado
9:00 Opening plenary
Juha Kämäri, President
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
9:15 Welcome
Jari Multisilta, Director
University Consortium of Pori
9:20 Making Future of Learning
Jari Multisilta, Harri Ketamo

Introduction to working group activities and expected outcomes.
The preliminary groups are following:

WG1 Scaling the education
MOOCs, virtual mobility, learning analytics & data, self-directed learning, etc. including pedagogic innovations. 

WG2 Language & Culture & Mobility
Bringing international and/or multicultural dimensions to teaching.

WG3 Designing future classrooms
Architecture, furniture, software, hardware, networks and all that improves our infrastructure.We’ll divide groups to smaller and more exact groups based on contributions and other requests prior the week.

The overall aim is to start something concrete, from a multisite lecture to EU-project. Where we go from there, is a choice we leave to you.

10:30 Coffee break Agora
11:00 Keynote
“Creative destruction of university”
Jyrki J.J. Kasvi, Ph.D. (Engineering)
12:00 Lunch Restaurant Pripoli
13:00 Group Working

  • WG1 Scaling the education
    Chair: Mr Harri Ketamo and Mr Jari Multisilta (Class room: B108)
  •  WG2 Language & Culture & Mobility
    Chair: Mr Kimmo Kallama (Class room: B208)
  • WG3 Designing future classrooms
    Chair: Mr Marko Mikkola (Class room: B129)
14:30 Coffee break  Agora
15:00 – 16:00 Group working continues B108
16:15 Bus transfer from campus to city center.
Evening Programme
18:00 – 19:30 Pori city Reception Address:
Pori City Hall
Hallituskatu 12,
3rd floor